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Image by Matthew Brodeur

Do you feel like your body hasn't been the same since your pregnancy?

Do you often feel 'off' or exhausted?


 You feel bloated after meals?

Are you a constant over giver?

We have the solution for all your inconveniences.


Yes! The quality of your life can be improved by balancing your hormones.


How that works you ask?  

You will spend 8 days in the comfort of our lovely Ibizan finca, among a team of therapists and professionals specialised in the female body and nutrition. You will learn how to balance your hormones for healthier and happy LIFE!

Come and join our life changing vibe on Ibiza

Spaanse kust


Your way to the sexiness of happiness


The retreat allows you to focus for a week on the change that is needed now to experience more comfort in everything you do in the long term. But you also get tools and schedules that help you maintain your new flow long after the retreat.

Deborah Pinckers

Hormone therapist, Stresscounselor & Mum 

The date of the next retreat is already known!

Registration is possible from 22th March 2022.


Would you like to be the first to be able to register?

And would you like a sneak preview of the program?

Leave your email address below so we can add you to our mailing list and email the program to you.

We will send you a friendly reminder as soon as registration is opened.

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